Maryland Car Accident Lawyer

Motor vehicle collisions are distressing for everyone involved. You have to worry about short-term and long-term injuries. You have to worry about how you’re going to afford repairing or replacing your vehicle. You have to worry about medical bills piling up and the loss of wages and other income.

If you’ve been involved in a car crash or other motor vehicle accident, you should speak with an experienced Maryland car accident lawyer to help you navigate the difficult process of making an insurance claim, and to ensure you receive the most compensation possible from your accident.

Experienced Maryland car accident lawyers have plenty of experience dealing and negotiating with insurance companies, healthcare providers, body shops, and all other parties to a personal injury case.

When you hire a Maryland car accident lawyer, your legal rights are protected and you won’t be pressured into settling your case for less money than the law entitles you to.

Compensation Available After a Car Accident

Whenever someone is involved in a car accident or other collision involving motor vehicles, various forms of compensation, also known as damages, become available. This is true even if the person involved was speeding, ran a red light or stop sign, was talking on their cell phone, was driving without a license, or didn’t have insurance at the time of the accident.

Damages available to someone involved in a car accident can include:

  • Physical injuries
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of present wages, salary, and other income
  • Loss of future ability to earn income
  • Present and future medical expenses
  • Cost of repairing or replacing the vehicle and other personal property
  • Cost of renting a vehicle
  • Loss of companionship and quality time with family

In some cases, if the accident resulted from particularly egregious or criminal behavior, such as street racing or high-speed pursuit, a court can award an additional amount to punish the bad behavior, known as punitive or exemplary damages.

Process for Handling a Car Accident

The process for handling a car accident case often involves many parties, such as insurance adjusters, investigators, law enforcement, doctors, surgeons, chiropractors, physical therapists, body shops and mechanics. Maryland lawyers who handle personal injury cases are used to working with all of these parties, and are familiar with the process to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Whenever someone is involved in a motor vehicle collision, they should seek immediate medical attention. Even light-impact collisions can cause injuries that aren’t noticeable, such as concussion, internal bleeding, and whiplash.

Once hired, a Maryland personal injury lawyer will help their client to open a claim with the appropriate insurance carriers. The lawyer will present the strongest evidence and arguments possible to persuade the insurance carriers into paying the maximum amount possible. The lawyer will emphasize the best points of their client’s case, such as the severity of the client’s injuries, and will downplay any negative points of the client’s case, such as if the client was using a cell phone when the car accident occurred.

Most car accident and vehicle collision cases in Maryland settle outside of court without a lawsuit needing to be filed. But sometimes, a lawsuit might need to be filed. If, for example, the client and lawyer are convinced that the insurance carriers aren’t offering as much money as the client deserves, a lawsuit might need to be filed. In the event that a lawsuit might need to be filed, the lawyer will give their client the best possible advice on how to go forward.

How a Maryland Car Accident Attorney Can Help Protect Your Rights and Get You What You Deserve

If you’ve been involved in a car accident or vehicle accident in Baltimore, Columbia, Germantown, Silver Spring, Waldorf, or anywhere else in Maryland, you should call and speak with a Maryland car accident attorney right away.

Only a personal injury attorney licensed to practice law in the State of Maryland has the skill, knowledge, and training necessary to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve from your vehicle accident case.

Maryland car accident lawyers know how to properly gather and present witness statements, medical records, police reports, and other evidence to maximize the value of your motor vehicle accident case. Maryland car accident lawyers will protect you from intimidating insurance adjusters and investigators who are working hard to convince you into accepting less than what you’re owed under Maryland law.

Speak with a Maryland car accident attorney today for a free case evaluation.