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Make Your Migration to the Cloud Easier

Migrating from on-premises IT solutions to the cloud is a daunting task in itself. Add on the responsibility of maintaining your existing legacy IT infrastructure at the same time and that’s where sleepless nights and headaches start to come into play. It is easier to have someone else help you maintain your existing on-premises IT hardware while you concentrate on your cloud migration. Fortunately, Reliant Technology is here to ensure your migration from on-premises IT solutions to the cloud goes smoothly....

December 7, 2020 · Cody Brownstein
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How A Cloud-Based ERP System Can Benefit Your Manufacturing Company

Create more efficient and proactive processes within your business with an effective ERP system. Learn how a cloud-based ERP solution can take your company to the next level. What is a cloud-based ERP system? Cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is ERP Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that is accessible from any device that has an Internet connection. Cloud-based ERP software generally has significantly lower up-front costs than traditional ERP software on-premise. This is because there is no need to purchase enterprise-grade servers or other hardware and software necessary to begin using on-premise ERP software....

December 2, 2020 · Cody Brownstein
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How Pinnacle Can Help Implement and Manage Your Cloud-Based ERP Solution

What is Cloud-Based ERP Software? Enterprise Resource Planning software, or ERP software, is one type of business management software used by companies to collect, store, manage, and interpret data collected from the various business activities of the company. ERP software takes all of the data produced by the different departments in a company and integrates the data in order to provide the information needed to efficiently manufacture, deliver, and keep track of customer orders....

November 25, 2020 · Cody Brownstein
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Your Manufacturing and Distribution Company Must Digitally Transform to Remain Competitive

Your Manufacturing and Distribution Company Must Digitally Transform to Remain Competitive What is Digital Transformation? Digital transformation in the manufacturing and distribution industry refers generally to the implementation of technology in order to automate assembly lines and other business processes. Additionally, digital transformation makes it possible for manufacturing and distribution companies to perform better analysis of existing data, which can lead to increased productivity. Digital transformation of a manufacturing and distribution company will usually incorporate several different technologies such as:...

October 26, 2020 · Cody Brownstein
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How to Open Your Own Coffee Shop

Why open your own coffee shop business? Opening, owning, and operating your own coffee shop can be a very rewarding but, at the same time, very challenging experience. The highs are amazing when you see consistent growth in your sales and you see positive reviews of your coffee shop online. But the lows can be crushing when you notice less and less customers are spending time at your coffee shop, or customer complaints become more frequent....

October 18, 2020 · Cody Brownstein
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The Products You Use Every Day Are Responsible for Billions of Trees Being Cut Down Each Year

Better consumer choices lead to a better world Oftentimes, we don’t put much thought into the products we purchase and use daily. We choose our products based on what delivers the best value. We buy what works for us. But, many of us don’t take a moment to think about the impact our purchases have on our forests, on our air, on our water, and on the rest of our environment....

October 18, 2020 · Cody Brownstein
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EMC Powerlink: What EOL, EOSL, & EOS Mean for You

At some point you have probably come across the acronyms EOL, EOSL, and EOS. These acronyms concerning the lifecycle of server, network, and storage hardware products are all related, but each of these acronyms has distinct importance, discussed in this article. What does EOL, EOSL, and EOS Stand for and What is the Significance of each? EOL EOL refers to “end of life.” EOL is sometimes also called “end of sale” (EOS) or “end of availability” (EOA)....

October 15, 2020 · Cody Brownstein